DJ & Austin Kierpaul with their 1969 Twin Comanche

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Dear Randy & Nick,

I want to thank both of you both for the excellent service you provide. Your knowledge and experience make the difference for anyone contemplating buying or selling their aircraft. Having an agent working for you is far superior to the spectrum of brokers that seem only interested in the commission. As you know I started looking extensively on my own for a PA-30 to fit my needs, I soon realized that I was only partially duplicating your efforts and lacked the industry resources and experience to bring to a deal to a satisfactory conclusion. Aircraft Associates filled in all the gaps and more. I am very satisfied with my purchase and I know the seller feels the same way. We came to a fair price for both sides.

As I have learned with certain aircraft sales, sometimes a seller is emotionally attached to their aircraft and parting with it can be as traumatic as the departure of a loved one or pet. The great communication we had with all parties made the transition easier. I thank you both. These are great aircraft and you have always found them great homes.

I highly recommend Aircraft Associates and its principals as agents for any aircraft sale or purchase. If asked I will chat with any prospective client and you can give them my cell.

Thomas Wiehl (Buyer) - Charlottesville, VA

Being a first time aircraft buyer, and considering I only wanted to do this once, I contacted Randy Africano with Aircraft Associates for help based on his years of experience with Twin Comanches. I couldn't have found a better person for this! I met Randy for the Pre-buy inspection and spent two days going through the plane with him. He was exceptionally thorough and really helped me get to know the plane. As part of the inspection, Randy combed through the aircraft log books to ensure we truly knew what we were looking at. Now, six months later, I've flown the plane over 150 hours and just finished its annual inspection. The plane has been maintenance free, except for an exhaust problem which Randy helped me through three months after the purchase. Even with higher time engines, the AI that did my annual had nothing but good things to say about the plane. He found it mechanically sound and in compliance with all AD's. I truly feel, and Randy proved, that if I run into a problem and need to call someone for advise or contacts, Randy would be there. Randy made my first and only aircraft purchase an extremely positive experience. I highly recommend Randy Africano if you're looking to purchase one of these airplanes! Thanks again for the help!

Cheers,  Rob Burns (Buyer) - Niceville, FL

After much consideration, we recently put our 1966 PA-30B Turbo Twin Comanche up for sale. By either divine intervention or just plain luck, the buyer was represented by Aircraft Associates. Mr. Randy Africano and his son Nick are true professionals. A no nonsense, attention to detail analysis of N22CJ was made. Following that, they introduced me to someone that I felt would be a great match for our airplane. Randy and Nick look for and find what is so elusive in many enterprises, a win-win experience. A win for the seller, who wants to find a good home for a treasured asset and additionally a win for the buyer, who knows exactly what they are getting. If the economy, in general, operated like Aircraft Associates, we would all be a lot better off. My hat is off to Randy and Nick. Whether a buyer or a seller I highly recommend Aircraft Associates.

Regards, Len Duncan (Seller) - Deer Park, WA

I recently sold my Twin Comanche through Randy Africano and Aircraft Associates. If there is an "easy way" to sell a much loved plane, this is the way to do it. From the first time I responded to the mailer I received from Aircraft Associates, Randy made sure the process went smoothly. Thank you, Randy, for finding a new home for my girl. 

Nancy Chiz (Seller) - Cleveland, MS

I recently purchased a Twin Comanche with Randy Africano. With our airplane being the second largest purchase/ investment aside from our home, it seemed the best decision to go with Randy to help find the right Twin Comanche for us. The customer service from Randy was some of the best I've ever experienced in my life. Every bit that is committed to on the website regarding the customer centric sale approach was followed through with. The knowledge that Randy provided, being physically present at the pre-buy making sure everything was solid, all the way to delivering the aircraft, made it a pleasure to pay his fee. Randy, what you do is exceptional, 

Thank You! Branden Zimmerman (Buyer) - Lake Worth Beach, FL

I wanted to drop you a thank you note for the enjoyable transaction with N2VG. I enjoyed the time we spent together learning about each other as well as sharing stories and experiences. As a new buyer, the task of purchasing an airplane seemed daunting yet your patience and understanding made it a wonderful experience. I am delighted with the aircraft and am looking forward to spending lots of time in the left seat!

Sincerely, Jonathan Wong (Buyer) - Phoenix, AZ

I recently sold my beloved Twin Comanche (had it for +25 years and raised our two daughters in it) through Randy Africano and Aircraft Associates. If there is a better way to sell a plane that has been in the family for so long, I do not know what it could be. Randy and Nick were always responsive and moved the sale along in a fine manner. They also figured out an intelligent and efficient way to handle the Purchaser's pre-buy review of the plane. And since I only sold the plane because I now had other planes in my life to focus upon, I am happy that Aircraft Associates has now placed our plane in a good new home.    

Regards, Randy Davis (Seller) - Cartersville, GA

Randy & Nick...

Thank you for all of the hard work you put in to helping us find N22CJ and bring her home.We are enjoying the freedomand adventure that comes with GA flying. In time, we hope to share this blessing with others. Your services made this process easy, worry-free and fun! 

Thank you again.

The Adam Cleveland Family (Buyer) - Abilene, TX