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I recently purchased a Twin Comanche with Randy Africano. With our airplane being the second largest purchase/ investment aside from our home, it seemed the best decision to go with Randy to help find the right Twin Comanche for us. The customer service from Randy was some of the best I've ever experienced in my life. Every bit that is committed to on the website regarding the customer centric sale approach was followed through with. The knowledge that Randy provided, being physically present at the pre-buy making sure everything was solid, all the way to delivering the aircraft, made it a pleasure to pay his fee. Randy, what you do is exceptional, Thank You!

I recently sold my twin Comanche through Randy Africano and Aircraft Associates. If there is an "easy way" to sell a much loved plane, this is the way to do it. From the first time I responded to the mailer I received from Aircraft Associates, Randy made sure the process went smoothly. Thank you, Randy, for finding a new home for my girl. Nancy Chiz