Mission Profile & Buyer Survey

Aircraft Acquisition Made Simple

You've spent hours reading ads on Trade-A-Plane, Controller, ASO, and Barnstormers, calling brokers and owners, maybe even traveling to see an airplane only to be disappointed in the process. You are not alone... and anyone who has ever purchased an aircraft knows working in the unlicensed aircraft brokerage business can be full of costly pitfalls.

Over the past 47 years, we've worked with honor and integrity to maintain our reputation for smooth, seamless and trouble-free acquisitions of the Piper Twin Comanche. Our knowledge of this fine aircraft is your assurance of a cost-effective and efficient purchase experience of an exceptional off-market aircraft. We're not just experienced aircraft owners, we're current Twin Comanche owners that have flown and maintained literally every model of the airplane. And our turnkey business approach simplifies the most complex aircraft transactions while minimizing the impact on our customer's time.

Half the battle in determining which airplane you should purchase is accomplished by defining your airplane "needs" and separating them from your airplane "wants." The optimal aircraft should satisfy your wants and serve your needs 85% of the time. The information requested below is the first step required to determine what model Twin Comanche will best fit not only your mission but your qualifications as well.

Filling out the form below and submitting it will assist us in finding you an exceptional "Twinkie" like the 500 plus aircraft we've purchased for clients we've served in the past.