"The Business of Business is People... Yesterday, Today and Forever." - Herb Kelleher - Southwest Airlines

Almost eight years ago, we made the decision to disrupt the process of finding and purchasing a personal aircraft in multiple ways. After years of providing typical online aircraft brokerage services for typically average airplanes, we changed our name and revamped our business model.

Today, TwinComanches.com has grown significantly by going "against the grain," and working almost exclusively with and for buyers. While we still provide limited aircraft brokerage services for owners of exceptional Twin Comanches and Turbo Twin Comanches, our primary line of work has become the acquisition of squawk-free, off-market examples of these fine aircraft for buyers that contract with us to find them. The sellers of the aircraft we purchase are not typically looking just to sell their airplanes, but rather looking to find a new home for an aircraft most have owned and loved for many years.

Anyone that has ever tried to purchase an airplane by conventional means through an individual or a broker clearly understands the pitfalls associated with the process... the frustration, wasted time and money traveling across the country only to find an overpriced aircraft completely misrepresented by the person or company in charge of marketing it. The bidding wars, the lack of market knowledge or transactional integrity,.. It's the Wild West in the unlicensed aircraft sales industry. And why wouldn't it be when sellers rarely, if ever, see the airplane, meet with the owner, understand the market or even know the intricacies of the airplane itself?

We are Twin Comanche experts. We know the airplanes and the market, we've served on the International Comanche Society Board of Directors, and we've worked with some of the very best "Twinkie" shops around the country. Yes, it's a big claim, but when you've owned and operated literally every model of these fine airplanes over the past 35 years, it's an accurate assertion.

Each and every Twin Comanche that we recommend to, or purchase for, a client has been painstakingly inspected, evaluated, photographed, and appraised by us. We see every airplane in person, meet with the sellers, and come to understand the circumstances driving the sale. We audit every logbook, every 337, AD compliance sheet and annual inspection report before we ever assign a value to the airplane. If the airplane meets our stringent standards, we post it on our website for our contract clients to see and evaluate. Once we procure a buyer for the airplane, we are there to oversee the prebuy inspection on the aircraft and deliver the airplane to our buyer's home airport.

It's a logistically complicated process that we've performed over 400 times, but it provides a welcome peace-of-mind, to both our clients and to us, that the airplanes we procure and deliver are the very best the market has to offer.

If you're looking for your first Twin Comanche, give me or my son Nick a call. We can make the entire acquisition not only seamless but enjoyable.

All the best,

Randy J. Africano - Principal                            Nicholas A. Africano - Associate Principal

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