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Rob Burns of Niceville, FL with his 1969 C Model Twin Comanche

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The Home of the Piper Twin Comanche

Whether you're a multi rated pilot looking to acquire your first twin-engine airplane, a seasoned owner of the Twin Comanche, or looking for a new home for a "Twinkie" that's been a part of your family for many years... you've come to the right place! We've built our website as a repository of data to provide you with every possible piece of information you can find on the Piper Twin Comanche... AD's, specifications, modifications, technical information, articles... everything you need to educate yourself about this iconic airplane.

For buyers, we have more Twin Comanches available for sale than all the other aircraft internet sites combined and we can confidently guide you toward your perfect airplane...from aircraft selection, review and evaluation through inspection, closing and delivery. We know the aircraft, and we gladly share our experience with you.

For sellers, we're not your average aircraft sales organization... we're consultants; Twin Comanche owner-pilots that have literally owned, flown, maintained and sold every model of the "Twinkie." We know the aircraft, but we know the Twin Comanche market better than anyone having placed more used Twin Comanches with buyers than anyone else in the world.

We're Not Brokers... But We Sell a Lot of Airplanes!

If you're looking to sell your Twin Comanche, we place more "Twinkies" with new owners than any other company in the world... but we are not aircraft brokers and there is no fee to you as an owner!

Why? Our contract buyers pay our fees...  qualified, motivated and serious buyers looking specifically for fairly priced Twin Comanches. 

For the past 45 years, we've provided these services for almost 400 Twin Comanche owners. Have a Twinkie that needs a new home? Click here to tell us about it!

Our Customer Centric Sale Approach

Unlike the typical aircraft brokerage firms that get paid by putting buyers and sellers together with a phone call, our sale approach is a bit different... actually completely different.

We see every airplane we represent - We meet face to face with the seller, we professionally photograph the airplane, and we digitally scan all of the aircraft logbooks.

We review and evaluate the airplane - We thoroughly review all of the aircraft's records and logbooks, we conduct a financial analysis of the particular aircraft's projected ownership costs, and then compare these metrics  with the other Twin Comanches we've placed.

We value the airplane - Not based on book values from Vref or Aircraft Bluebook, but on actual current and comparative sale prices of other Twin Comanches we've represented for other clients.

We work with the Seller for the Buyer - We provide guidance and expertise to the seller to determine a fair price for his or her particular "Twinkie" 

We provide "turnkey" service to close the sale - We provide purchase contract assistance, handle all interactions with aircraft escrow, provide financing and insurance assistance, accompany the airplane through the pre-buy inspection, and finally deliver the airplane to the buyer's domicile.

Doing the Right Thing

Buying or selling an airplane is a life marking moment as it should be. Clearly, you done something very well that affords you the opportunity to own an airplane and be a part of an exclusive community. So it stands to reason that we're most proud of the impeccable reputation for honesty, professionalism and integrity that we enjoy with our customers. Whether you're buying or selling, we truly want to do everything possible to make your sales experience as best it can be.

So take a look at the website and learn how professional, simple and pleasurable working with TwinComanches.com can be... or better yet, give us a call. We'd love the opportunity to work with you!

All the best,

Randy J. Africano - Principal

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